"Walker there is no path, the path track walking ..."
Antonio Machado

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The vine can propagate by seed or by agamic reproduction, with scions or rootlings (rooted scions); this vegetative propagation has been used in viticulture since ancient times, as it allows us to obtain vines identical to the mother plant. The advent of phylloxera, a small insect (aphid) that damages European grapevine roots, made it necessary to resort to grafting them onto American rootstocks.

To save the roots of a thousand-year-old crop such as the European vine, vine nurseries were set up at the start of the last century and have assisted the vinegrower in his choice of variety and farming techniques  ever since.

The Enotria Nursery, which supports the “De Vulpe et Uva” domain, is an example of the fundamental synergy between vinegrower and nurseryman..

The ambition of this imaginary electronic volume on nurseries and the vinegrowing and wine-producing system, is to deal with the many topics that involve the supply chain:


 The themes are very broad and will be continually updated, described and analysed in further depth. For this reason we are counting on active contributions from anyone interested in starting up a dialogue with the representatives of the portal, who can be reached through “contact us” in the main menu.

The documents and data examine the world of vinegrowing and wine-producing and are presented in different sequences (scales), providing each one with a particular vision of winemaking in Italy, Europe and the world.






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